Summerhill Pyramid Winery – Where Healing Meets Hope

Summerhill Pyramid Winery – Where Healing Meets Hope

As the wildfire crisis tests our strength, we want to provide a haven of care, unity, and support.

If you just need a place to go – a place to just BE – you are welcome at Summerhill.

Kelowna residents are the heart and soul of the vibrant city we call home – so for you and for anyone registered with ESS, please enjoy a 20% discount on all food and wine.

Need a safe space? We offer FREE RV parking and EV charging, providing comfort and assistance for travelers while taking a step towards a sustainable future.

For our fearless firefighters, with our eternal gratitude, please enjoy 40% off all meals.

At Summerhill, we have always endeavoured to be much more than a winery; now is no different. We’re a refuge. Amidst uncertainty, we hope you will find solace in our natural space, recharge, connect, and heal.


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