Ezra Cipes
May 18, 2018 | Ezra Cipes

Changes to Om label

Dear Community,

This week we heard from a concerned group about our use of the Om symbol on our Organic Meritage label. The concern raised was about using the deeply meaningful, spiritual icon on a bottle of wine.

Most people who know my family know us to be reverent. Our mission always includes an element of spiritualizing culture, and that is what drew us to use the Om symbol on this wine, as well as other religious iconography on some of our other bottles (use of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life on our Tiferet and Keter labels especially). We love the meaning of Om. It is a beautiful, resonant symbol.

I had the opportunity to speak on the telephone with the gentleman who brought the offense to my attention. He kindly explained to me that the nuance of the way the symbol is used is meaningful. For instance, no one is outraged that the Om symbol is used on hats and shirts, but using it on shoes might feel different, and certainly it feels different to have it on a wine label. I take full responsibility for overlooking this. Once it was explained to me, it was obvious and I immediately understood that it was indefensible. I promised right away to stop using the symbol on wine labels.

I apologize for offending and I hope this note is illuminating and helpful.


Ezra Cipes

CEO, Summerhill Pyramid Winery



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