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March 14, 2012 | The Dirt on Dirt, The Dirt on Dirt, The Dirt on Dirt, The Dirt on Dirt | Ezra Cipes

Why I Endorsed FortisBC's Program

Recently I agreed to help FortisBC promote their new Renewable Natural Gas program. This was met with some derision by my more revolutionary friends, but I applaud FortisBC for this project. Basically what they have done is build two large, industrial composters. They are harvesting bio-methane from the decomposing agricultural waste. Apparently it costs a little more to make natural gas this way, and FortisBC is charging slightly more for it, hence the need for business leaders to help promote the program.

There is a lot of agricultural waste in the province of BC, and indeed the world, so this simple technology has the potential to produce a lot of renewable energy if more widely applied. If we are harvesting valuable energy, this project may also help increase the amount of waste that is properly composted and provide more valuable organic (hopefully) fertilizer.

Here's the video FortisBC made of me pitching the program to other business leaders:


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