Greatest Hits Wine-Care Pack

Six of our most beloved wines at a great price with complimentary shipping and wine swag

Greatest Hits Wine-Care Pack
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Summerhill Pyramid Winery (established 1991) is Canada's largest organic winery, BC's first Demeter biodynamic vineyard, and Canada's foremost producer of sparkling wine. Our winemaking philosophy is that organic and biodynamic provides the royal road to producing exceptionally beautiful, authentic, terroir-based wine that will connect you with the beautiful Okanagan Valley.

The Greatest Hits Wine Care Pack features six of our most beloved wines, a Summerhill branded high quality "Sommelier Knife" corkscrew, a branded stainless steel sparkling wine bottle stopper, and a link to Summerhill's "Eclectic Good Vibes" spotify playlist.

The included wines are:

Cipes Brut NV - A true BC wine classic. This bottle helped define traditional method BC sparkling wine when first released in 1991, and continues to set the standard today. Made with organic Riesling, Chardonnay, and Pinot Blanc, there is much pleasure to be had with creamy bubbles and notes of green apple and sweet citrus dancing atop the layered, biscuity flavours from two years bottle aging on the lees. Cipes Brut has won gold medals every year since first released, and critics and consumers alike consistently rank it two yums up.

2020 Alive Organic White & 2019 Alive Organic Red - Our Alive series wines are blended to be eminently drinkable, sharable, and pairable with a range of flavours, cuisines, and situations. The white is dry but not too dry, and the red is luscious and rich while retaining some freshness. We love blending these wines each year for maximum deliciousness and versatility. The labels tell the story of our vineyard ecosystem, with images of plants that we make into biodynamic preparations and that live among the vines.

2019 Ehrenfelser - This profoundly aromatic wine delivers an explosion of flavour. With one sip you will almost be able to see ripe fresh apricots, gooseberries, and guavas dancing behind your closed eyelids. (The wine is so beautiful closing your eyes to savour the experience may be a reflexive response.) There is also a lovely, slightly drying waxiness on the finish that brings elegance and tension to the palate. Many people have told us over the years that this was the bottle that made them fall in love with wine, giving them their first "a-ha" moment. The good news is that even as their palates have developed, this wine always offers them something special to come back for.

2017 "Heritage Series" Organic Marechal Foch - Grown by organic pioneers the Buchler family at their Park Hill Vineyard in Oliver, BC, this bottle is a living history of the BC wine industry. It is also absolutely crushable. A big, rich, deep, smooth, darkly coloured red wine with mouth and soul filling flavours of dark fruits, chocolate, and earth. This is a great wine to share around a fire, or with grassfed meats from the grill.

2014 "Spadefoot Toad" Syrah - The cherry of this six pack, this wine was given 95 points by Carl Boucher and named his "#2 wine of the year" for 2020. Grown by committed environmentalist and vine whisperer Ron Firman at his Spadefoot Toad Vineyard in Oliver, Ron breeds the endangered amphibions in a sealed off irrigation ditch to rewild the important predator. He also keeps kiddy pools filled with water to take care of the parched deer in the desert climate above his south facing slope. You can taste the love in this wine.

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Jolene Jamieson's Gravatar
Jolene Jamieson
(Sep 20, 2021 at 7:16 PM)
Early days but on bottle #3 (enjoyed the 2 Alive bottles and just opened the Ehrenfelser) but I'm in love! Fantastic!

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