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The River Select brand stands for quality, sustainability, and value. All of the Salmon used to make River Select products come from the First Nations inland fisheries Co-Op.

This maple smoked wild Pink salmon product is fully cooked and vacuum sealed. It does not require refrigeration until opened.

Packed in an easy-to-open pouch, this smoked wild salmon product is great while travelling, hiking, or for a quick snack.

Beliefs and traditions are a very important part of First Nations’ culture and often reflect a deep understanding and respect for nature. We want to honour the resiliency and prosperity of our natural environment by using only selective fishing methods. First Nations’ communities honour their roots by using holistic traditional practices of selective fishing—handed down from our ancestors. Using selective fishing methods and quality control.
Ingredients. Wild Pink Salmon (SKBN – skinless, boneless), maple syrup, sugar, salt, natural wood smoke. May contain traces of gluten or soy.

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