Specialty Wines

Summerhill Pyramid Winery has released limited edition specialty wines with impressive keepsake packaging that will become a talking point in your home. These specialty wines are perfect gifts for any occasion. You’ll love the wine, and the bottle. 

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2011 Late Harvest Viognier Image

Beautiful expression of the southern Okanagan valley, these sun kissed berries make a decadent and elegant dessert wine. 

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2011 Second Press Syrah Image

The “Second Press” of decadently ripened Syrah Icewine grapes yield a nectar of exquisite delicacy and purity in this dessert wine. 

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2017 Syrah Malbec Rosé Image

Sensationally easy drinking wine. "Summerfruits in a glass" 

72% Syrah and 28% Malbec

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