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October 30, 2014 | Permaculture & Biodynamic | Ezra Cipes

Sponsoring the Blue Dot Tour

David Suzuki is a Canadian icon. I have known of him as a public figure since elementary school, and have always thought of him as a beloved national figure. But in recent years I have come to understand that he is considered a little controversial by some - that not everyone shares his point of view as I do.

In recent years, Summerhill has developed a professional relationship with the David Suzuki Foundation, beginning with the launch of our Alive Organic Wine series. When asked to provide in kind sponsorship to support the Blue Dot Tour, we did not hesitate for a second.

David Suzuki's message is brilliant and simple and true: Every Canadian should have the right to a healthy environment. We're proud to support his efforts out on the road, getting the message out there and hopefully starting a national debate on this bold and righteous premise.

Hope to see you there!


Blue Dot Tour Poster



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